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The Swim Lab aims to raise the bar for Learn-to-Swim lessons across Singapore.  We enable children to accelerate their learning process with a carefully designed program, expert coaches and a nurturing environment. 


The Swim Lab was founded in 2007 by a group of ex-national swimmers who wanted to provide exceptional learn-to-swim classes to children. Applying years of experience in professional swimming and coaching, we developed our curriculum based on the belief that the smallest elements of a stroke contribute to a strong foundation, and eventual success, in swimming.  We are obsessed with technique and fundamentals but recognise the need to inject fun to engage children effectively. As such, we continually review our lesson plans and drills to ensure that our children receive the best swimming lessons. In addition, our parent company, Sports Lab Pte Ltd, invests in new coaching technologies and conducts regular coaching booster sessions to ensure that our teaching methods stay ahead of the field. 

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