Let your kids immerse in a splashtastic time with us - no distractions and no waiting time in the pool, all while developing their stroke through an imaginative approach both in the pool and on land. Our activities facilitate a journey of self-discovery where swimmers are able to keep track and be proud of their accomplishments. No matter what age or skill ability your little one is in, our 4-day program will cater to their swimming needs to help them emerge as confident swimmers! Scroll to find out more on what each program has to offer


Week 1: 31 May-3 June
Week 2: 7-10 June
Week 3: 14-17 June
Week 4: 21-24 June

$200 (early bird)
9-10.15am OR 10.45-12nn
$300 (early bird)
$300 (early bird)

Program Details


For children enrolled in N2-K2 or equivalent. No swim experience required


  • Build water confidence and safety through guided play

  • Culminating in a river safari adventure combining land and swim skills

  • Set the foundation for a positive attitude towards swimming

In our bite-sized holiday program designed especially for preschoolers, little ones start each 75-min session with warmups on land, then get in the pool to practice important pre-Learn to Swim skills, such as floating and basic kicks.


Fun games and storytelling will help get even the most anxious young swimmers to love their time in the water! On Day 4, they'll combine everything they've learnt on land and in the pool as they go on their very own river safari adventure!



For children aged 5 years & up. Recommended for children with no or beginner swim experience


  • Exploration and development of 1 or more strokes (frontcrawl, backstroke & breaststroke) to help build positive swimming habits

  • Water games and land activities help build body awareness and coordination

  • Personalized "Before and After" scorecard celebrates each child's individual progress

In this tailored program, we start by evaluating each child's individual ability in 1 or more of the 3 basic strokes - frontcrawl, backstroke & breaststroke.


They then begin their journey to master these strokes, through a multi-faceted approach combining pool practice, water games and video analysis. The children will also take part in fun land sports and activities, designed to further challenge their body awareness and coordination - both of which are essential when learning a complex sport such as swimming!


On Day 4, the swimmers take to the pool to record their improvement from their initial scorecard, building confidence and rewarding their hard work, as we celebrate small and big wins together!



For children aged 7 years & up. Recommended for intermediate and advanced swimmers.


  • Master the basic strokes while learning competitive swim elements such as starts, turns and diving

  • Get introduced to gym-based strength and conditioning for competitive swimmers

  • Concludes with a mini-meet of friendly races!

Ever wondered what it might be like to train like a pro? In this friendly program, our swimmers will experience the training routine of a competitive swimmer in and out of the pool - all of the challenge with none of the pressure! Swimmers will work on stroke mastery of the 3 basic strokes - frontcrawl, backstroke & breaststroke -  and will be taught key competitive elements such as starts, turns & dives.


Foundational movement patterns will also be introduced in the gym as they provide the necessary base for every athlete to excel in swimming and other sports they wish to pursue. On Day 4, swimmers will participate in a a mini-meet to put all their learned skills to use!