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Become a certified swim coach with us & inspire children through exciting and meaningful sporting experiences.

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Suit up & become a certified swim coach

We offer a comprehensive training and certification program for all our swim coaches, jointly certified with the International Sports Academy. Beginners are welcome too!

A new coaching career awaits you

We don't just want to teach you how to coach swimming for kids - we want to help you grow your swim coaching career.

Be a part of something bigger

Join our Sports Schooling team of coaches and enjoy teaching swim classes organized for you. We’ll handle student signups, pools and customer service so you can focus on teaching!

Flexible Commitment

Commit as little as 6 hours each weekend, in one of our many pool locations  across Singapore. Looking to do more? Full-time roles are also available for course graduates.


We'll ride the waves with you

Foundational Swim Instruction Program - Not an experienced swimmer? Don’t worry. Our beginner-friendly program starts from basics. Learn to master both swimming strokes and important coaching techniques.

Theory and Practical sessions - We'll learn swimming theories through a fun & engaging classroom experience and then applying them practically in the pool with your peers.

Mentorship attachment program - You’ll go through 52 hours of paid attachment with our experienced coaches, and get to learn directly from the experts in actual classes.

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Have a whale of a time with us!


The Sports Lab - ISA Certification of Swim Instruction is one of the leading certifications for children's swim instruction.


Since 2016, we've trained over 60 coaches, impacting over 1000 kids to swim with confidence.


Have no fear! We've got your swim basics covered, with free weekly coaches' swim training. No swim background required!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during and after the Swim Instructor Course?

During the course, you will be going through a 52 hours paid attachment as a trainee to gain exposure and experience in coaching a class. Upon completing the 52 hours and passing both the theory and practical examinations, you will officially be converted to a full-fledged coach. You can expect a performance review every 6 months, where your hourly pay and title can be increased.

How much is the Swim Instructor course?

The course will be free if you choose to be bonded with us for 12 months. Classes will be organised for you in one of our many centres across Singapore, so don't worry about sourcing for students! Without the bond route, you can pay for the full course fee of $2,280.

Do I need to have a swimming background?

No swim or coaching experience is necessary as we'll equip you with all the necessary knowledge and experience from scratch! There will also be weekly swim training sessions conducted by senior coaches for you to work on your swimming skills.

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