Enrolment is on a per term basis, with fees paid in full before the commencement of term. Class placements are not guaranteed until payment is received in full. As our classes usually fill up quickly, and waiting lists are common, we recommend making payment for your classes sufficiently in advance.

New students

Prospective students are entitled to one free trial class. Students may then enrol to join the next term in full, or the current term provided that no more than 4 lessons of the current term have been conducted. New students joining a current term will be eligible for a proration of the current term’s fees (strictly for new joiners only).

Registration Fees

A registration fee of $50 is payable per student to cover enrolment-related admin and processing. Upon receipt of the registration fee, students will receive a complementary Welcome Kit consisting of The Swim Lab swim cap, towel and drawstring bag. Contents of the Welcome Kit may vary over time, or with stock availability.

Term Fees

Fees are per term of 12 lessons, and apply only to the lesson and usage of the facility during the lesson. Any external costs for usage of the facility outside of lesson times, or for participating in additional events such as competitions, are to be borne by the student separately.

Price per 12-lesson term: $420 (weekdays); $450 (weekends)

  • One lesson per week

  • 50 mins per lesson (45 mins for toddlers)

Term and registration fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment can be made via PayNow or bank transfer.


Withdrawals may only take place at the end of the term. We are strictly unable to provide refunds for early withdrawals.

Any credit balance at the end of the term will be refunded to you at the end of the term, upon confirmation of your child’s withdrawal.

Public Holidays

Classes are not conducted on public holidays. For public holidays that fall on a Sunday, classes will not be conducted on both the Sunday, and the Monday (public holiday in-lieu).

Should there be fewer than 12 lessons in the term due to public holidays, term fees will be prorated according to the number of lessons in the term.

Wet Weather & MC credit

A credit amount equal to the value of the lesson will be applied to your next term’s fees, in the event of:

  • Class cancelled due to Wet/Inclement Weather; or

  • If your child is unable to attend class due to MC. Note: presentation of a valid MC is strictly required

You may check your credit balance at any time by contacting us through WhatsApp at:

SLI : +65 9646 3655 
Hwa Chong : +65 9424 4655 
NTUAC : +65 8126 8564

Please refer below for more details on our Wet/Inclement Weather policy.

Classes missed due to absence without MC

Classes missed due to absence without valid MC are not entitled to any refund or discount. Please consider this carefully before enrolling your child.

Class Cancellation due to Wet/Inclement Weather

Classes may be cancelled or shortened due to Wet/Inclement Weather, according to the below conditions:

  • Lightning activity as indicated by the lightning alert signal causing a closure of pool by the management

  • Heavy rain causing a closure of the pool by the management. If there is light rain, our coaches will evaluate whether lessons can continue

  • Haze indicated by NEA 24hr PSI and 1hr PM2.5 readings in the South region 1 hour before commencement of the class*

    • 1hr PM2.5 > 100: closure of pool for the complete session.

    • 24hr PSI >150: closure of pool for the complete session.

    • 1hr PM2.5 >55 and 24hr PSI >100: closure of pool for upcoming class

    • 1hr PM2.5 <56 and 24hr PSI>100: class continues with adjusted intensity**


*Learn to Swim: if pool is closed during first 2 classes, the 3rd class of that session gets cancelled

** Children with chronic heart or lung conditions or sensitive breathing can opt to skip the class and request an additional deferment whenever 24hr PSI >100 independent of 1hr PM2.5 reading

Swim classes will be cancelled if:

  • There is Wet/Inclement Weather 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time. For example, a swim class scheduled at 1600 will be cancelled if Wet/Inclement weather persists at 1545; or

  • There is Wet/Inclement Weather throughout the first 15 minutes of class time

Announcement of class cancellation due to Wet/Inclement Weather will be made via SMS to your registered mobile number no earlier than 15 minutes before the scheduled class start time. Management reserves the final decision to cancel classes.

Classes will not be considered as delivered, if there is less than 30 minutes of swim lesson conducted due to interruption by Wet/Inclement Weather.

Classes cancelled or considered not delivered will be eligible for refund in the form of credit towards your next term’s fees, or in the form of bank refund (for withdrawing students only).

Change of Coach & Class

We may, as we deem necessary, change the coach for the class, for reasons including and not limited to: progression of class to a higher level and/or coach on leave/MC. We may, as we deem necessary, change the class in which the student is in, for reasons including and not limited to: perceived greater compatibility of the student with different peers.

Around the Pool

Parents/ guardians are requested to accompany their child to register their attendance before class and not leave them unattended before or after their swim lesson. Our staff are unable to be responsible for children unattended before or after lesson time.

Parents/ guardians are requested to refrain from actively participating in the lesson, to enable the students and coaches to concentrate on the lesson. Our customer service office on deck would be most happy to receive your feedback any time during or after the lesson.

All students, regardless of age, gender or religion, are required to wear proper swimming attire made of materials specifically intended for swimming. We reserve the right to ask students who are inappropriately dressed to leave the pool.

Eating during lessons is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from bringing food to the pool deck.

Children who are not toilet trained must wear a reusable swim diaper.

Students are responsible for any personal belongings brought to classes. We are unable to be responsible for loss and/or damage of students’ personal belongings.

All parents and students are required to strictly observe all prevailing Safe Management Measures set forth by the relevant authorities and facility owners.

Release of Photos/Videos

The Swim Lab may take photographs and/or video recordings of our classes and our students and/or parents/guardians for educational, training and promotional purposes.

By enrolling your child in our swim classes, you hereby irrevocably grant us and our agents permission to use your image in whole or in part, without payment or any other consideration, and waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein your likeness appears.

Should you wish for you or your child to not be featured in any educational, training and/or promotional materials, please send us an email at info@theswimlab.com

Assumption of Risk

Your child will be engaging in swimming lessons at The Swim Lab. As with all swim programs, there exists the risk of tripping, falling, slipping, drowning, and other risks not known to us, or not reasonably foreseeable risks that could result in serious injury and/or death.


By enrolling your child in our swim classes, you agree to hold The Swim Lab harmless from and against all claims, costs, expenses and liabilities, including attorney fees, for injury to person or property arising in connection with your child's participation in activities conducted by us.

Waiver of Rights and Release of Liability

By enrolling your child in our swim classes, you hereby release, waive and discharge The Swim Lab and our employees and agents from all losses, damages, claims, costs, expenses and liabilities, including attorney fees for injury to person or property arising in connection with your child's participation in swimming activities. However, this waiver and release does not include injury, damage, or loss as a result of the intentional or reckless acts of The Swim Lab.


If any portion of these Terms & Conditions are held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall continue in full legal force and effect.

The above Waiver and Release of Liability is understood, and recognized as a legally binding Agreement on behalf of yourself, your child and guardians of your child to freely giving up substantial rights and assuming all risk of injury, death and property damage.

Data Protection Notice

By enrolling your child in our swim classes, you hereby agree to The Swim Lab’s Data Protection Notice, which sets out the basis on which we may collect, use, disclose or otherwise process personal data of our customers in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Our Data Protection Notice can be read in full at: bit.ly/swimlab-data


We reserve the right to terminate/suspend your membership and/or swimming lessons without notice should any of the above conditions be deemed to be contravened. The Swim Lab reserves the right to amend the guidelines and policy from time to time, without prior notice at its sole discretion.